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"voice" | Thursday, July 13, 2006 | No. 2,813
: Notes: the creature is such a
: heavy-bodied animal that it seld
: in the conventional manner. Inst
: it would "bully" the larger creat
: (aforementioned "Beast with An"
: Mouth") effectively using the cr
: like that of the ant and the ahpid
: Oh how I hate aphids.
: Voice: Its song i
: deep-toned prolo
: trill. "The dronin
: is hard to tell fro
: as they're all pret
: drinking and carr
: loud noises." Bu
: actually using the
: larger creature as
: like that of a taxi
: passenger. As the
: it would shout "
: Climbing you!" b
: likely a trick of t
: everybody knows
: while clever, abs
: communicate wit
: humans for any r


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"Slurping and drooling and hurrrr."

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