"structure" | Sunday, July 16, 2006 | No. 2,816
: on the tibia. There is a considerable greenish yellow
: the groin and on the concealed portions of legs and
: The light color on the arms and the jaw is quite
: grayish. There are several smaller, light rimmed, dar
: around all nine eyes. The creature's gigantic mouth
: vocal sacs there in are large and conspicuous when
: and bluish gray green in color. When expanded into
: balls are fucking huge.
: Structure: The second creature has a shorter head a
: mouth although obscured by a "Polynesian" mask w
: unable to get samples as the creature will bite and cla
: pouring water into its mouth causes it to eventually
: Voice: "A loud trill, hoarser than that of the Rands c
: and hind libs longer when the creature is sleeping
: sexually aroused."
: Voice (from updated 1931 ed.): "A deep gutteral sn
: sound as if it had its mouth halfway out of the water.
: Breeding: They breed from April to March. The egg
: 60 cents per pound (USD). Its mating cry turned out
: actually that of a creature trapped below the larger o
: General Appearance: Short; Squad; Large; Browni

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